Pistolet-pulemet mp-38 Shmayser

Schmeisser MP (Machine Pistol) 38 model. Products of Ukrainian origin. looking for partners, dealers.


MP38 is a modern copy of Heinrich Vollmer’s М.Р.38 submachine gun, often erroneously called «Schmeisser» by the Allies and considered to be a classic accessory of a Wehrmacht soldier. Back then the М.Р.38 was world’s first folding stock submachine gun and the first featured no wooden parts: only metal and plastic (Bakelite). M.P.38’s charging handle was located on its left side enabling its owner to keep his hand on the pistol grip and the whole gun pointed at target even when cycling. Milled magazine well was recommended to grasp with the supporting hand when shooting. Upper receiver was fitted with longitudinal grooving. The only mode of fire was fully automatic, but the relatively low rate of fire (400 rounds/min) provided by a pneumatic damper enabled single shots with controlled trigger pulls. Another advantage of a pneumatic damper amplified with primer detonation a micro-second before the round is fully seated into the chamber was smooth mechanism operation facilitating weapon’s accuracy and controllability.


Model: MP38

Caliber: 9 mm (9×19, 9х21)

Action: Blowback, open bolt action, semi

Stock: Under-folding metal sholder stock, bakelite forend

Twist rate: 1:10″

Length: 83.3 cm stock extended; 60 cm stock retracted

Weight:4.5 kg

Magazine: Detachable box type

Capacity:10/32 cartridges

Muzzle thread: M16x1.5

Sights: Front and rear sights

Barrel length: 25 cm

Country of origin: Ukraine 


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